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Vote!Hillary Clinton has served as Secretary of State, Senator from New York, First Lady of the United States, First Lady of Arkansas, a practicing lawyer and law professor, activist, and volunteer, but the first things her friends and family will tell you is that she’s never forgotten where she came from or who she’s been fighting for throughout her life.

As First Lady under President Bill Clinton, Hillary tenaciously led the fight to reform our health care system so that all our families have access to the care they need at affordable prices. Hillary led the U.S. delegation to Beijing to attend the UN Fourth World Conference on Women and gave a groundbreaking speech, declaring that “human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all”—inspiring women worldwide and helping to galvanize a global movement for women’s rights and opportunities. Hillary was then elected to the U.S. Senate, becoming the first woman senator from New York. She repeatedly worked across the aisle to get things done, including working alongside Republicans after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

When Congress wouldn’t do enough for rural areas and small towns, Hillary didn’t back down. She launched innovative partnerships with the tech industry and provided support to local colleges and small businesses. When President Obama asked Hillary to serve as his secretary of state, she answered the call to public service once again. She was a forceful champion for human rights, internet freedom, and rights and opportunities for women and girls, LGBT people and young people all around the globe.

Now she’s running for President because everyday Americans need a champion and she wants to be that champion.

The Story of Us

Economy and jobs, Education, Environment, Health, Justice and equality, National security. What are YOU voting for?

Like Madison, too many rural communities aren’t reaping the rewards of our nation’s economic success—despite their critical role in our economy. Unemployment and poverty rates present a real challenge to these communities while accessible health care and education are too often out of reach.

“I believe a strong America depends on strong rural communities. For prosperity to be real and lasting, it has to take root … in small towns and in rural areas across the country.” -Hillary, August 26, 2015

As president, Hillary will:

  • Spur investment. Hillary will create a national infrastructure bank to improve rural transportation and broadband access and grow the rural economy by expanding access to capital. She’ll also expand the New Markets Tax Credit that will encourage investments to prevent communities from spiraling downward after a major economic shift or plant closing.
  • Support family farms. Hillary will increase funding to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers in local food markets and regional food systems. And she’ll create a focused safety net to help family farms get through challenging times.
  • Promote clean energy. Hillary will encourage our nation’s commitment to clean energy by assisting farms that conserve and improve natural resources. She’ll also strengthen the Renewable Fuel Standard and double loans that help support the bio-based economy.
  • Expand opportunity. Hillary will increase funding for Early Head Start, universal pre-K, free community college, and support for telemedicine and Medicaid expansion.


Learn more about Hillary’s vision for America..

Who’s funding Tom Garrett’s campaign?

Who’s funding Tom Garrett’s campaign?

Records show that Tom Garrett has taken $5,000 from the Koch Industries PAC, another $5,000 from their astroturf group, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, and $5,000 from Dominion Power, a utility he voted to deregulate in the Virginia General Assembly just last year.

The right-wing “Congressional Leadership Fund” Super PAC has pumped one million dollars of dark money to salvage our opponent’s faltering campaign. We can’t track any of that money, but the remaining $493,489 that he’s raised is available for public review from the Federal Election Commission.

Who’s funding Tom Garrett’s campaign?

Source:, accessed 11-02-2016

Roughly 40 percent of his total contributions comes from Political Action Committees (compared with fewer than 10 percent of Jane’s).

Records show that he’s taken $5,000 from the Koch Industries PAC and another $5,000 from their astroturf group, the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Tom Garrett accepted $5,000 from Dominion Power, a utility he voted to deregulate in the General Assembly last year. American Electric Power ($1,000) and Verizon Communications ($2,000) also chipped in to join the Corporate Monopolies For Garrett coalition.

Earlier this year, manufacturing company Timken announced a plant closing in Altavista that will cost our district 125 jobs as they consolidate operations into a North Carolina facility. What did they do with the cost savings? They gave $1,000 to Tom Garrett.

If you’re tired of corporations buying politicians, please step up and help Jane today.

I’m proud that our campaign has been supported by individuals who believe in Jane’s experience and ability to solve problems in our District. We have hundreds of volunteers ready to make phone calls and knock on doors in this final weekend before Election Day. Thousands of you have contributed time and money to help us get the word out.

I know you’ve donated to Jane before. I have too. I’m asking again because with just five days to go, we are down to the wire. We need to make sure Jane’s message is heard over the $1,000,000 in dark money pouring into our District.


Contribute to Jane Dittmar for Congress


Tom Vandever
Campaign Manager

Access to quality broadband is a necessity of modern life

To The Editor

Central Virginia is an amazing place to live. We are blessed with natural beauty and historical significance. However, many of our neighbors are struggling.

In much of the region, where we once had thriving industry and agriculture, there is now little economic growth or opportunity. Revitalizing our economy won’t happen overnight and won’t happen on its own. We must build for the future to attract business and industry back to our district. Our first step: Get our district connected.

Access to quality broadband is a necessity of modern life. The economic and social benefits of internet access are numerous. Communities without widespread broadband have less economic growth and higher unemployment. Individuals without a quality Internet connection cannot apply for jobs, and lack online career building tools and social media to connect them with employers.

Without Internet access, our children have limited access to critical educational resources and online homework, leaving them at a disadvantage. Broadband access in rural areas will expand telemedicine opportunities, giving our neighbors expanded access to doctors and medical information, as well as online veterans benefit information for those who have served our country.

Despite the undeniable benefits, our district is among the worst connected regions in the country. In the 5th District, only 37 percent of people have access to the FCC’s minimum defined speed for quality broadband, 25 mbps. Nationally, 90 percent of Americans have access to these speeds. Even rural regions nationwide are far more connected with 61 percent connected to high-speed broadband. We must do more to compete in an increasingly connected world.

Residents of Virginia’s 5th District have a right to the benefits of accessible broadband and we have the ability to make it happen. The FCC created the Connect America Fund to build broadband infrastructure in underserved regions. As residents of the 5th District, we have already paid federal taxes into this fund. I want to bring our money home. Without raising taxes a penny, we can revitalize our region’s economy and prepare it for our children’s futures.

Just as in broadband, status quo politics has failed us. Politicians more concerned with party politics than the people have ignored the problems of districts like ours for too long. My opponent represents more of the same; a career politician who is proud of his record of obstructionism and ideological extremism. We deserve better.

My name is Jane Dittmar. I am running for Congress to get this district back on track. I humbly ask for your vote on Nov. 8 so we can work together to create quality jobs, ensure a good education for our children, and improve our district’s future. Let’s get connected.

Jane Dittmar

Democrat nominee

U.S. 5th District

LTE: Dittmar has strong fiscal record

With no reservations, I support the election of Democrat Jane Dittmar to Congress.

From 1990 until 2002, I was an elected Republican and served two terms as chairman of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. I believed in the Republican Party’s ethics of small government and support of small business. I attempted to live out these values in my votes on the Board of Supervisors and my prior 10 years of service and service years as chairman of the Albemarle County Planning Commission.

We have had enough of Republican obstructionism. We need Jane, with her small-business background and mediation skills, representing us and breaking through the gridlock in Washington to get things done.

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