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The Guardian of Gridlock

Mitch McConnell staged 420 filibusters since he became Minority Leader in 2007. It’s the highest rate of obstruction in history – but a badge of honor for McConnell, who once declared himself the “proud guardian of gridlock.”

After nearly three decades in Washington, McConnell is the embodiment of political dysfunction. He used partisan gridlock to kill job growth, stop aid to small businesses, hurt women’s ability to gain equal pay for equal work, and cut benefits for seniors and veterans.

America needs senators who put the real issues first. Progress can’t wait another day.

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This Is Who We Are

The history of America is a history of change. The history of Democrats is the history of change that matters for America.

The reason we won in 2012 was because supporters like you were the most engaged in political history. As we move on to the elections to come, we need you to stay in the loop and engaged in the process.

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Filibuster Fight About Core Values — And It’s Not Over

Filibuster Fight About Core Values — And It’s Not Over (via LA Progressive)

A deal over the “filibuster” was tentatively reached in the Senate Tuesday, but forget all the insider talk about “nuclear options” and “recess appointments”: This isn’t a story about process. It’s a story about ideology – specifically…

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