The 2013 Virginia General Assembly chose to not act on Medicaid Expansion that would have provided healthcare coverage for low income families. Instead, the decision of Medicaid Reform and Expansion was delegated to The Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission (MIRC) who has similarly chosen not to act.

Many hospitals, businesses, and industries are being forced to make economic decisions that include reducing employee hours and payroll, freezing wages and hiring, or eliminating retirement contributions, resulting in hardship for many Virginia families and a local economic impact of millions of dollars.

It is imperative that Virginia Reform Medicaid and create health care access for Virginia’s working, low income adults (“Bridge the Coverage Gap”) whose healthcare is paid for by businesses and individuals through “cost shifting.” These federal dollars are Virginia’s dollars.

Please take action by completing a short survey (especially questions 6 and 7) from Ed Scott (30th District Delegate representing Culpeper, Madison and Orange Counties).