Mother Jones magazine reported yesterday that Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign tricked at least two laid-off workers into appearing in a new attack ad.

The women featured in the ad were shocked. “If I had known that’s what it was for,” one of them told Mother Jones, “I never would’ve agreed to the interview.”

“Chris LaCivita, Cuccinelli’s campaign strategist, has a long history of trying to smear political opponents with misleading advertising. He was the mastermind behind the Swift Boat ads that tried to call John Kerry’s military record into question back in 2004.”

Cuccinelli's New Low

This sort of thing doesn’t just happen by accident. Someone hired the film crew that interviewed these women. Someone told the crew what pitch to use to get them on camera.

Those tactics might be underhanded, but they’re not surprising.

Ken Cuccinelli put this ad on air — he can take it down. But he won’t do it unless he feels overwhelming pressure from the public telling him that keeping it up is unacceptable.

Thanks for stepping up — Virginians deserve to know if Ken Cuccinelli will stand by this disgraceful ad.