Is Cuccinelli Trying to Hide from His Record as a Climate Denier?


Ken Cuccinelli’s office door is wide open for the out-of-state energy companies that have dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaigns. Virginia families? Not so much. When Ken has to pick between Virginia landowners or the profits of his Big Energy pals, out-of-state companies win every time — while Virginians get sold out.

  • A federal judge was “shocked.” Virginia’s Inspector General is investigating. All after Cuccinelli’s taxpayer-funded office helped out-of-state energy companies fight a lawsuit filed by Virginia landowners, while Ken raked in more than $100,000 in campaign cash.
  • Prices too high at the pump? Too bad. Cuccinelli opposed a ban on oil price gouging — and then took tens of thousands in campaign cash from oil barons like the Koch Brothers.
  • Big coal, gas, and oil bigwigs have stuffed $500,000 worth of into Ken’s campaign coffers, and he’s turned around and tried to gut the critical protections keeping us safe from their pollutants.

EXTREME Priorities

When it comes to taking extreme policy positions, Cuccinelli’s happy to stand alone, while reaching into your wallet for help. Ken’s abused his power and wasted our time, using taxpayer resources to attack common sense ideas and popular projects — all while his campaign donors profit and Virginians pick up the tab.

  • After Americans across the nation demanded protections from contaminated water and polluted air, Cuccinelli claimed they were part of a secret plot to “destroy and get rid of capitalism.”
  • Cuccinelli launched a taxpayer-funded witch-hunt against a leading UVA scientist, embarrassing the state and forcing the University to waste half a million dollars, simply to attack widely accepted science with which he disagreed and to push his personal agenda.


Sorry, Virginia. While many in the Commonwealth have struggled to make ends meet, Ken’s been busy single-handedly standing in the way of some of the most important job-creating projects and life-saving protections that keep our families safe from pollution.

  • With the Silver Line Metro expansion in Northern Virginia expected to create $25 billion in economic growth and new jobs in Virginia, every statewide official – Democrat AND Republican in the last decade – stands in support of the innovative transit project — that is, every statewide official except Cuccinelli.
  • Cuccinelli opposed historic fuel economy standards that will save Virginians money by getting them further on a gallon of gas.
  • Joining extreme right-wing politicians from around the country, Cuccinelli sued to stop the implementation of landmark clean air protections.

Paid for by Virginia Chapter Sierra Club PAC. Authorized by Terry McAuliffe candidate for Governor.