Ken Cuccinelli - Putting Women Last

Today at an event with Virginia seniors in Loudoun County, Ken Cuccinelli tried to turn away from his career-long efforts to inject his agenda into decisions that Virginia women make with their doctors.

As Loudoun Times-Mirror reporter Trevor Baratko tweeted, Cuccinelli said:

“I dont think government should be doing anything about birth control or birth control devices.
Government legislation shouldnt address contraception – that kind of thing.”

That is brazenly dishonest rhetoric given that Cuccinelli has supported and even cosponsored two versions of “Personhood” legislation that could have outlawed women’s access to common forms of birth control like the pill.

At last month’s Virginia Bar Association Debate Cuccinelli tried to tell Virginians he never tried to outlaw birth control. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker promptly gave him 3 Pinocchios. It’s time for Cuccnelli to stop lying about his record and explain why he has spent his career trying to ban women from making their own health care decisions.

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