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John Warner, a Republican Voice of Integrity

Fiona and Parker calling Madison voters at last week's phone bank event.

Fiona & Parker calling Madison voters at last week’s phone bank.


The real question is how anyone immersed in national security could possibly endorse Mr. Trump, whose extravagant ignorance of the issues and disdain for the United States’ allies and commitments are hallmarks of his candidacy.

The idea of installing Mr. Trump as commander in chief has chilled many of the most respected GOP figures in international affairs. They include former secretary of state George P. Shultz, who served almost seven years in the Reagan administration — “God help us,” said Mr. Shultz, on the prospect of Mr. Trump’s victory — and former secretary of state Colin L. Powell, who called Mr. Trump “a national disgrace and an international pariah.”

We need your help to put Hillary Clinton and Jane Dittmar in office! If you can spend an hour making phone calls, knocking on doors, putting up yard signs, serving as a poll-watcher, hosting a meet-and-greet or debate watch party, please email volunteer@madisondems.org.


Is Richmond Working For You? Is Washington?

“Tom Garrett took Dominion Power’s money then protected their bottom line, putting our communities and our water at risk.” “To protect both our planet and our national security, we must move as expeditiously as possible to become a country that increasingly relies on clean, renewable energy–solar, wind, and wave. We must evaluate the subsidies and incentives in each of our energy sectors to make sure they are helpful to our long term energy goals.”

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth upon which we build our homes must be preserved and protected for the health and safety of our children and generations to come.” -Jane Dittmar

Dominion is an important power partner to the Commonwealth. That said, Jane refuses to take campaign contributions from Dominion to avoid the appearance of impropriety. “Recently, I toured a new 1.2 billion dollar investment in Mecklenburg by Dominion in the 5th District that will help our Southside economy. I also applaud their efforts at solar energy generation and biomass production and I believe they can and should do more in these areas.”


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We are in the fight for a generation.

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