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Vote NO on the ‘Right to Work’ Constitutional Amendment

In 1947 a bill became law that made Virginia a “right to work state.” This means anyone can go to work at a union company without being required to join the union. This is the law and no constitutional amendment is needed!

Next month, voters in Virginia will decide whether or not to amend our state constitution. This anti-worker amendment would enshrine in Virginia’s Constitution a nearly 70 year old right to work law that hurts our ability to collectively bargain.  This is a thinly-veiled union-busting effort by Republicans to enable corporations to avoid paying hard-working Virginians a living wage.


Virginia’s Constitution is the foundational document of our Commonwealth and does not need to be changed. Voters want our elected leaders to focus on policies that strengthen our communities, fund our schools, fix our crumbling infrastructure, wages, and create good jobs for hard working Virginians. This amendment is a distraction from the real issues and Virginia’s working families deserve better from our elected representatives.

Protect Our Constitution. Vote NO on 1 this November.

A Progressive Agenda to Cut Poverty and Expand Opportunity

Today, a staggering one in three Americans—more than 105 million people—live in poverty or are teetering on the economic brink with incomes of less than twice the poverty line. New analysis by the Center for American Progress finds that if not for the dramatic rise in economic insecurity since 2000, nearly 13 million fewer Americans would be living on the edge today.

Policies based on failed theories such as trickle-down economics have played a central role in the nation’s unsustainable levels of income inequality and have contributed to widespread instability. It is long past time to put these policies, which favor the wealthy few at the expense of working families, in the rearview mirror where they belong. It is not the wealth of the rich but rather a stable and secure middle class that is the key to economic growth. A robust middle class provides the consumer base and economic demand that drive investment and productivity. What’s more, the middle class is strongly linked to economic mobility: Analyses from the Center for American Progress show that areas of the United States with larger middle classes have greater levels of economic mobility among working families.


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