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RSVP for the 2020 Reorganization and Potluck Social

Please join the Madison Dems at our biennial reorganization on January 11, 2020. Following the election of members and officers for the 2020-2022 term, the doors open for a potluck social. Click the button to let us know you’re coming!

Reserve your seat!

You do not have to be a member to attend, but you must be a member to vote or stand for election. If joining us for dinner, please bring something to share. It’s free to attend, but we’d greatly appreciate a donation!

ACTION ALERT: 5th District Town Hall

On Sunday, Feb. 26, more than 1,200 people attended the People’s Town Hall at the MLK Performing Arts Center.

Our moderators, Saad and Kibiriti, did an incredible job. Dozens of you shared powerful stories and important questions, and we raised more than $3,000 for Amnesty International. We’re very disappointed that Congressman Garrett chose not to attend, but we recorded the whole event for his (and your) viewing pleasure.

Since our event, Rep. Garrett announced that he will be holding a “town hall” in Charlottesville for 135 people on March 31. That is absurdly inadequate, especially in light of the huge response we saw with the People’s Town Hall. We’re asking Rep. Garrett to plan a real town hall at a venue that can accommodate the thousands of concerned citizens who want to meet with him. If he moves forward with his tiny event, we’ll hold a rally to show him what democracy looks like.

We’re going to deliver that message to Tom Garrett directly this Monday, March 6, at 1 p.m.!

Monday is a District Work Day, and Garrett is scheduled to be at his Charlottesville office to meet with constituents. So this week, we’ll be having Monday with Tom, and we know he’ll be there to hear us! Gather outside of the Daily Progress (685 Rio Road West in Charlottesville) at 1 p.m., and we’ll walk over to Garrett’s office (686 Berkmar Circle) together. Bring a poster with your question or concern for the congressman!

[intense_alert margin_bottom=”20″] Call Congressman Tom Garrett (202-225-4711) and ask him to hold a real town hall meeting, not a tiny lecture. We expect our representatives to be responsive to our concerns. Tom Garrett can’t represent us if he doesn’t meet us.  Click here for a script[/intense_alert]

If you are able, please try to park in the surrounding area to make room in the Berkmar lot for those with appointments or others who work in the area. We want to respect the other businesses and not block entrances.

Thank you again for your tremendous support. The People’s Town Hall was a monumental success, but it’s not the end of the road. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re standing indivisible, and we’ve got this!

In solidarity,

Patrick for Indivisible Charlottesville

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Stop Asking What The Women’s March Is “About”

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Shani SilverBy Shani Silver

Stop asking what it’s about. Stop asking what I think it will accomplish. Stop trying to undermine a gathering of women by belittling them with questions you’d never ask a man. Stop thinking women have to explain their actions to you, rather than acknowledging you know full well what it’s about. Maybe you don’t.

I march because I’m scared, but not helpless. I march because I want to demonstrate that I can be scared and brave at the same time. I march to show little girls, including the one I used to be, that they can, despite elections, rejections, attacks, and punishments, do anything.

Women's March on WashingtonI march because I just don’t want to stay healthy, I want all women in this country to stay healthy. Especially those who, due to economic disadvantage and poor access to healthcare, are more susceptible to not being healthy. I march because a “pussy” isn’t a grabbable object. It isn’t just there for a man’s sexual pleasure. Goodness knows it’s vilified for ever being a part of a woman’s sexual pleasure. It is not something that in one breath you can desire and in the next take away safe, affordable care from. It’s a part of the human body that requires medical attention like any other part of you. It’s why you’re here, and it deserves more respect than ignorant, controlling, punishing regulation.

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The 14 facts you definitely need to know about Tim Kaine (plus photos!)

Watch the Vice Presidential Debate!

Watch the Vice Presidential Debate!

By now, you’ve heard a few things about Senator Tim Kaine—and you might even know that he’s spent his entire career fighting for progressives causes or that he loves to play the harmonica.

But did you know that…

  • During his 17-year career as a civil rights attorney, Tim specialized in representing the underserved, battling on behalf of those who had been denied housing opportunities because of their race or disability.
  • When Tim was 22, he took a year off from law school to volunteer with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras. He ran a technical school, teaching carpentry and welding to teenage boys while honing his Spanish. He says his time in Honduras was one of the most formative experiences of his life, shaping both his personal and political outlook.

And many more..

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