Paul Ryan: The most overrated intellect in Washington

Read Paul Ryan: The most overrated intellect in Washington

Though Ryan was, ostensibly, second fiddle to Mitt Romney, the GOP’s most influential minds spoke of the blue-eyed congressman as the One True King. According to Republican Überlobbyist Grover Norquist, the country needs only to “pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen” because that president’s one job would be signing “legislation that has already been prepared” — Paul Ryan’s legislation.

Ryan was the agenda setter. The mastermind. The man with the plan to unravel the New Deal and nuke the Great Society from orbit.

And then, the GOP’s rank-and-file got other ideas:

Trump’s greatest service to America may be ending Paul Ryan’s career

Paul Ryan, Scourge of the Elderly, Uniter of the Republican Clans, Wielder of the Magic Asterisk, Philosopher Prince, Student Who Failed Arithmetic, was supposed to be the GOP’s conquering hero. He is the architect of the Republican Budget, a general so beloved he persuaded 235 elected lawmakers to fall in line - marching together behind legislation that would phase out Medicare.