“As we exit the stage, to make sure that we’re passing the baton not only to Hillary Clinton,” he said, “but also to a Congress that is willing to do the people’s business.”

President Barack Obama is endorsing 30 more House candidates Monday, expanding his effort to use his rising popularity to help Democrats looking to flip or hold swing districts across the country — and crush them under the association with Donald Trump.

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“The president’s proud to stand with these Democratic candidates who understand that the gridlock and obstruction in Washington needs to end next January,”

Obama’s already taped ads and robocalls for several candidates, and more is expected in the final two weeks until Election Day.

The endorsements “make the case to voters that Democrats will put people first and make real progress for our country, while Republicans will continue to put party over country by supporting Donald Trump as their standard-bearer,” said Kelly Ward, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Sunday evening.