By Mark Fiore

It seems only fitting to use Antonin Scalia’s own words for a poetry slam, since the justice’s snarky dissents are filled with so many poetic gems.  The Affordable Care Act victory was followed quickly by the same-sex marriage win, and Scalia’s dissents have become increasingly irate and colorful.

Turns out, trying to bring health insurance to millions of people in the United States is not illegal and neither is letting two people who love each other get married.  Go figure.  Once the fulminating conservatives cool off, hopefully health insurance and marriage will become boring again and we’ll look back on this and laugh.

Though Scalia had some wins this Supreme Court term, it’s fascinating to see how unhinged he becomes in his dissenting opinions.  Amazingly, he even dissented while concurring!  As a cartoonist, I love this guy.  As a citizen, not so much.  Enjoy your Obamacare, go get married no matter who you love and be sure to enjoy the sputtering frustration of Scalia.  Oh, and check out the stories behind this cartoon!