One Commonwealth

We are hours away from the General Assembly returning to Richmond – and launching their latest attack on Virginia’s DREAMers.

But we can stop them. This year we have an opportunity to take back the Virginia Senate by electing leaders who believe in equality and opportunity for all who call Virginia home.

Let’s send Richmond a message – today.

Click here to stand with the DREAMers today by donating $5 to support lawmakers on the ballot this year who will support their dreams.

“[W]e’re going to have foreigners on the fast track,” said Republican state Senator Dick Black, who’s a co-sponsor of the measure to roll back in-state tuition rates for the thousands of immigrant students who know no other home than Virginia, worked hard in school, and played by all the rules to be declared “legally present.”

Yes, this is the same Dick Black who called emergency contraception “baby pesticide.” Who called Mark Warner’s work to make affordable home loans to LGBT Virginians an effort to “subsidize sodomy and adultery.”

This backward bill is also sponsored by Delegate David Ramadan, who thinks that a ban against affordable tuition for DREAMers is “what Virginians want.”

I was proud that federal officials shared our finding with every state that these DREAMers can establish domicile and pay in-state tuition rates – saving them in some cases tens of thousands of dollars at a Virginia school where they have earned a spot.

Help us protect the DREAMers. This is our last chance to send a message before the legislative session starts tomorrow.






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