While I can think of hundreds of thousands of people who will be hurt if we don’t “Close the Health Care Gap” with health insurance expansion under the Affordable Care Act, I cannot think of one person who will benefit if we turn it down.  Unfortunately, between the choice of helping his constituents and holding to his parties’ ideology in the current budget debate, Delegate Scott continues to stand in the choir of the party of “No.”

Locally, the Culpeper Regional Hospital, the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, and numerous constituents have, in this very paper, urged Delegate Scott to do what is right both morally and financially – Close the Health Care Gap by expanding health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Scott is not only ignoring the people who voted for him and local business leaders and business representatives, he is also ignoring state-wide entities.  In his article on April 1, he misrepresents the position of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, a vocal supporter of health insurance expansion.  A letter issued by them on March 4 states that budget delays and/or the Republican threat to shut down state government could jeopardize Virginia’s reputation as a well-managed state and risk its stellar AAA bond rating.  For someone who touts being part of the reason Virginia is “Ranked #1 for Doing Business,” Ed’s actions do not match his words!

Under his current ideological stance, Delegate Scott is right now giving your federal tax dollars, $2 billion per year, to insure eligible people in other states while those same people in his state go without.  Under his current ideological stance, he is forcing our hospital to reduce its staff and services.  How does that support Virginia remaining “Ranked #1 for Doing Business” by Forbes?  The answer is, It Doesn’t!  Delegate Scott’s actions do not match his words.

Under his current ideological stance, Delegate Scott is forcing the uninsured to continue to use the Emergency Room for initial care.  Unfortunately, this is the most expensive care for hospitals and, as a result, taxpayers.  Scott’s actions do not match his words.

By changing his stance and doing what is reasonable and rational, 400,000 currently uninsured Virginians will have access to quality health insurance including preventative care, wellness exams, and medications at reduced costs to hospitals, taxpayers and themselves.  Delegate Scott needs to start matching his actions with his words.

Mr. Scott, this should help.  Imagine the change of expression on the faces of thousands of families when you use your position to alter their existence from “one illness away from bankruptcy” to one of stability, hope, and confidence in our state and the future. Mr. Scott, you have that power, use it wisely.

Please call Delegate Scott at 540-825-6400 or 804-698-1030 and tell him to make his actions match his words and do what is right for the people of Virginia.

Traci Dippert

Chair, Culpeper County Democratic Committee