I’m responding to Robert Hurt’s article in the Feb 6 Eagle. I agree with him that much of what politicians say is “empty rhetoric,” including the words of President Obama and Robert Hurt. I cannot agree with Robert Hurt’s assessment of the President’s record. Mr. Obama inherited a nation on the verge of depression, unemployment at 10%, wages flat, deficits growing, and two wars raging. Today, there’s little or no chance of depression, unemployment is at a five year low (6.6%), the deficit is shrinking, and one of those wars is over and our involvement in the other is rapidly ending.

True, wages have remained stagnant for the working class, but of course, not for the one-percenters. I suspect that Robert Hurt has no idea how to end that problem. I’m not sure the President does either, but on the basis of Mr. Obama’s success in dealing with the other problems left by the previous administration, I choose to cast my lot with him rather than with Robert Hurt, a member of the party that caused the problems to begin with.

-Frank Dixon