Ralph Northam for Lt Governor


The Associated Press said:

Democratic state Sen. Ralph Northam was generally the aggressor in the evening’s debate at George Mason University’s Arlington campus, hammering Republican E.W. Jackson, a conservative Chesapeake minister, over what he called Jackson’s “social agenda” on abortion, gay rights and strident rhetoric.

The Daily Press said:

“Throughout the debate, Northam emphasized his experience in the state Senate and bipartisan victories there, including passage of the state’s ban on smoking in restaurants and the transportation package.”

The Washington Post said:

Northam also rapped Jackson for his push for a cut in the corporate income tax, which he said would devastate Virginia government services by removing $1 billion from state coffers. “It would literally bankrupt the commonwealth of Virginia,” Northam said. “We don’t need to go there. We need to have responsibility in fiscal matters. I bring that to the table.”