“If you thought transvaginal ultrasounds were bad..”


Ken Cuccinelli might not yet be a household name. But in just three short years, he has amassed a record as Virginia attorney general that has earned him the distinction of “the most overtly partisan attorney general in Virginia’s history.” Now, he’s trying to take his ideology straight to the Virginia governor’s office. We have to fight to Keep Ken Out.

Called “the most overtly partisan attorney general in Virginia’s history.” Do you know where Cuccinelli stands on women’s health issues?

Cuccinelli is as out of touch as politicians get when it comes to women’s health. He has been called the “Son of Santorum” and “Virginia’s Todd Akin” for his conservative principles. Cuccinelli was the first attorney general in the country to file a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He filed it faster than you can get a pizza delivered—he claims a mere 34 minutes after the president had signed it into law. The ACA, of course, has already shown incredible benefit to women,with more than 45 million receiving preventive care like lifesaving cancer screenings with no additional co-pay.

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