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First Day Of The New Congress

United States House of RepresentativesBy Rep. Lloyd Doggett

To those who have wondered what would be the top priority of this new Congress, now we know—deception, what some could even rightly call “tax fraud.” Today, on a largely partisan vote of 234 to 172, the House approved over my objection a new House rule that would change the way the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation estimate the budget effects of tax legislation. You can view my speech here.

To free themselves from the hard work of creating responsible, balanced budgets based on reality, Republicans are compelling this Congress, for the first time in American history, to rely upon something they call “dynamic scoring”—a mere euphemism for whimsy, speculation, and wishful thinking.

A leading Republican expert, former Senate Budget Staff Director Bill Hoagland has said, instead of this scoring gimmick, he’d “rather they just simply belly up to the bar” and “admit up front that we can’t lower rates without adding to the deficit.” They are just “making stuff up,” as the former Chief of Staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, Ed Kleinbard, recently wrote.

It is, of course, illegal to do that on a tax return. Tax fraud involves the deliberate misrepresentation or omission of data, deception by misrepresentation of material facts, and obtaining something of value from someone else through deceit. That is what this hocus pocus is really about – intentionally falsifying the impact of more Republican tax breaks.

Passing a balanced budget requires hard work, where everyone needs to lend a hand. Unfortunately, Republicans would rather use sleight of hand.

Voter Suppression Tactics – Jim Crow Returns

Jim Crow Returns

Based on the Crosscheck lists, officials have begun the process of removing names from the rolls — beginning with 41,637 in Virginia alone. Yet the criteria used for matching these double voters are disturbingly inadequate..

There are 6,951,484 names on the target list of the 28 states in the Crosscheck group; each of them represents a suspected double voter whose registration has now become subject to challenge and removal. According to a 2013 presentation by Kobach (Kansas’ controversial Republican secretary of state) to the National Association of State Election Directors, the program is a highly sophisticated voter-fraud-detection system. The sample matches he showed his audience included the following criteria: first, last and middle name or initial; date of birth; suffixes; and Social Security number, or at least its last four digits.

That was the sales pitch. But the actual lists show that not only are middle names commonly mismatched and suffix discrepancies ignored, even birthdates don’t seem to have been taken into account. Moreover, Crosscheck deliberately ignores Social Security mismatches, in the few instances when the numbers are even collected. The Crosscheck instructions for county election officers state, “Social Security numbers are included for verification; the numbers might or might not match.”

Read the rest of Jim Crow ReturnsVoter Suppression Tactics – Jim Crow Returns

U.S. House passes Keystone bill

BREAKING: The House of Representatives just approved the Keystone XL pipeline, which scientists warn will mean “game over” for the planet. If built, KXL is expected to earn the Koch brothers $100 billion in profits, making them the wealthiest family in human history.

Keystone XL

(Reuters) – The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives approved the Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, but a similar measure struggled to get enough support in the Senate and President Barack Obama indicated he might use his veto if the bill does get through Congress.

The legislation, approved by 252 votes to 161, circumvents the need for approval of TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO) $8 billion project by the Obama administration, which has been considering it for more than six years. No Republicans voted against the measure, while 31 Democrats voted for the bill.

It was the ninth time the House has passed a Keystone bill, and supporters were confident that this time the Senate would follow suit and pass its version.

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