“Republicans ought to focus on doing the right thing: putting up every legitimate roadblock to Trump that they can. Unexpectedly, a key moment in American democracy has snuck up on the GOP. When he denounced Trump, Romney said he wanted to be able to say he’d fought the good fight against a demagogue. That’s the test other Republicans may want to consider.

Action doesn’t mean political chicanery or subterfuge. It doesn’t mean settling for an equally extreme — and perhaps more dangerous — nominee in Ted Cruz. If the party can muster the courage to reject its first-place finisher, rejecting the runner-up should be even easier.” ~The Boston Globe

We don’t ever want to wake up and see headlines like these. Please join the Madison County Democratic Committee Caucus on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at high noon to help us select delegates to the District, State and National Democratic Conventions.

The stakes are much too high to sit this one out.