By Kathy Shupe via Blue Virginia

The House Republicans are at it again. After passing HB 705 that would allow out-of-state concealed handgun permits to be recognized in Virginia and HB 878 that would remove local law enforcement’s discretion to comment on Federal class 3 firearms purchase applications including machine guns, silencers, bombs, grenades, and rocket launchers, House Republicans have now passed a bill (HB 786) that would allow teachers and other school employees to have firearms and other weapons on school grounds without penalty.

These bills go far beyond second amendment rights and raise some serious public safety concerns. It’s time we take a close look at the delegates who continue to support these extreme and dangerous measures and hold them accountable in 2015.

Delegates who voted for all of these bills include:  Ed Scott,  Richard Anderson, Barbara Comstock, Scott Lingamfelter, David Ramadan, Ron Villanueva, David Yancey, and Joseph Yost. Robert Marshall and Randy Minchew voted for two of the three but were both absent for the vote on HB 878.