Today, we pay tribute to the loved ones we lost, remember the bravery of our heroes and stand together once again, united for all.

Although September 11, 2001 is painful in our memory, the fabric of the American spirit continues to shine through. We remember the stories about acts of courage, of brave Americans putting their concern for others safety above their own, and commemorate the outpouring of compassion that flowed from every corner of our country. We honor the firefighters, police officers, medical professionals and first responders who ran into burning buildings to save the lives of their fellow Americans, even if it meant losing their own.

While we hold our loved ones closer, we will never forget how our nation came together at this time of great adversity to move forward. The One World Trade Center now stands tall above the New York City skyline and reminds us of our resilience and commitment to building a better tomorrow for our children. And as we face great challenges as a nation, let us come together again so we may build a stronger, safer and more perfect union.

This day is annually recognized as the National Day of Service and Remembrance. Click here to find out about opportunities in your community.