A tip-of-the-hat to colleague Jean B. for bringing this to our attention!

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We’ve tallied the ridiculous quotes, considered the anti-environmental votes, and found that your representative — Robert Hurt — is the perfect candidate to win our Climate Change Denier Award! For folks like you and me, who want to protect future generations from the effects of climate change, this award would be a horrible embarrassment to win. But if Rep. Hurt is going keep saying climate scientists’ findings are “not true,” then we need to show how out of touch he is with the views and needs of his constituents.So since he just came home for August recess, we are going to welcome Rep. Hurt back to the district by presenting the Climate Change Denier Award to him next Tuesday, August 13, at 12pm at his office in Charlottesville. Do you want to see Rep. Hurt called out for denying climate change?

http://action.lcv.org/site/R?i=iPcpAnItJ1Vtk3ekzS71oQ    http://action.lcv.org/site/R?i=MtKRTjxubDpla3bvc_ml3g

With your help, we can show Rep. Hurt that his constituents think his climate change denial is unacceptable. Will you join us?
If we can deliver this award with a crowd of LCV activists like you at our back, we’ll be able to catch the media’s attention and educate the public about Rep. Hurt’s ignorant stance. Together, we can show that his climate change denial is politically toxic and he must change his anti-science tune.Will you join us this Tuesday to call Rep. Hurt out for his climate change denial? Sign up here >>Thanks in advance for coming out to help us make this event a success and build real momentum for action on climate change in Virginia and across the country.Best,
Vanessa Kritzer
Online Campaigns Manager
League of Conservation Voters