“A strong consensus exists among the world’s leading atmospheric specialists and climatologists that climate change, including global warming and the greenhouse effect, is happening and will have major consequences for human society. The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) asserts that global warming is a serious problem with anthropogenic influences and it must be addressed swiftly to avoid devastating environmental and economic consequences (IPCC, 2007). Yet, this important issue has failed to receive the kind of drastic multilateral action necessary to reverse it or mitigate its potentially disastrous consequences for the earth’s fragile biosphere.”

On Wednesday, July 31st, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) will be hosting a free community action event and film screening of the documentary Chasing Ice at C’ville Coffee. The movie centers on James Balog, a photographer for national geographic and his fight to capture the effects of climate change before it’s too late.

A powerful and moving documentary, Chasing Ice leaves a lasting impression and provides tangible evidence of our changing world as audiences watch the glaciers melt away before their eyes. Beyond the film itself, the screening will have a strong community element. Local climate activists will talk about different ways to get involved and increase cooperation between Charlottesville’s environmental groups.

We want to get this event off the ground and plug in a lot of volunteers into the environmental movement, be they seasoned activists or first timers. To do this we need your support to make this screening a true community event. Tell your friends and family and we look forward to seeing you Wednesday the 31st at C’ville Coffee!