Ken Cuccinelli gets Virginia’s version of the Weird Al Yankovic treatment in a new song by a political parody artist who periodically surfaces to needle those in Old Dominion officialdom.

The “Coo Coo Cooch-a-nelli” song by pseudonymous musician Billy Bankrupt — he keeps his real identity secret — mocks the Republican candidate for governor over his controversial actions as attorney general and strongly held social conservative views.

“Even when he’s happy, he’s never gay. He’s endorsed by the NRA,” begins the song’s opening verse after the chime of a cuckoo clock sounds. “Teachers and universities, taken to court for their heresies. Has no need of academic pursuit, cause he always knows the truth.”

Over guitar strums and tamborine shakes, the songwriter takes listeners on a brief retrospective of Cuccinelli’s efforts to restrict abortion, opposition to gay rights, and political maneuvering that shooed Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling from this year’s GOP nomination contest.