..instead speaks to Hampton Roads Tea Party


Richmond, VA – Last week Ken Cuccinelli couldn’t be bothered to travel to Hampton Roads and talk education with Virginia teachers because he was scheduled to speak on a panel sponsored by Washington anti-women’s health special interest The Susan B. Anthony List.

While Hampton Roads was just too far from Washington, D.C. to travel when Virginia educators were hosting an event, Cuccinelli seems more than happy to travel to Virginia Beach tonight to speak at a rally sponsored by the Hampton Roads Tea Party.

“In honor of tax day, Ken Cuccinelli is making Virginia taxpayers cover his salary as he travels to Hampton Roads for a campaign event with the Tea Party,” said DPVA Spokesman Brian Coy. “Unfortunately, when he had the chance to make the same trip to speak to Virginia educators last week, he was too busy rubbing elbows with anti-women’s health special interests in Washington D.C.

“If Ken Cuccinelli wants Virginians to buy his rhetoric about spending, he should return the portion of his salary that he earns while campaigning on workdays. It may be his prerogative to put extreme special interests over mainstream groups like Virginia teachers, but Virginia taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill while he ducks out on his day job.”

via  Democratic Party of Virginia.