Dear Friend,

Voter ID requirements are changing again. And, once again, Republicans are making Virginia national news for all the wrong reasons.

The refrain of last night’s Rachel Maddow Show from Republicans is “Let’s make it harder.” Let’s make it harder for Virginians to vote. Let’s make it harder for Virginians to access the proper ID. Let’s make it harder to vote absentee or early. Let’s make Virginians stay in line longer on election day.


Republicans have declared a War on Voters with this unnecessary, unethical law. This “sore loser” law indicates one and only thing– Republicans are upset that the President won Virginia and are trying to change the rules.

Voting is one of our most fundamental rights, and we cannot afford to alienate voters. I will keep pushing back and introducing and advocating for legislation to ease the voting process. I am also working on ensuring all voters have access to proper ID.

Thank you for your support.


Don McEachin