As cheerful, warm, friendly poll greeters outside the polling place on November 8, we are there to make our fellow Democrats feel safe and supported. It doesn’t take much–a wave, a thumbs-up, or a piece of leftover Halloween candy can make all the difference. We want to have a strong presence at the Madison, Radiant, Oak Park, Rochelle and Wolftown precincts. You can make it an adventure and bring a friend. You can sign up at a location where you are not likely to run into your neighbors if that’s a concern for you.

Sign up here for a polling place and pick times that work for you. After you sign up, Annette Hyde, Co-Vice Chair, will contact you to confirm. Shifts are usually two hours, but you can work longer if you wish. Some people like to cover one shift in the morning, have lunch and work another at a different place in the afternoon. Sign up for as many locations and shifts as you like!