CONTACT: Genevieve Cox


CHARLOTTESVILLE—Jane Dittmar, 5th District congressional candidate, today denounced the attempt by the Garrett campaign to resurrect a long-resolved one-car accident from 1999 to deflect attention from his failing campaign.

“Tom Garrett is trying to retry a case that was settled in court over 17 years ago,” said Dittmar. “Regarding this traffic violation I was guilty of a traffic accident—nothing more, nothing less.  My DMV record has never had a DUI violation and I have never been convicted of a DUI violation.”

Earlier this summer, attorney Ron Tweel, who represented Dittmar at the time, confirmed that the LEXIS-NEXIS report was in error and that the case did not result in a DUI conviction.

“I’m disgusted that my opponent, who should understand due process, would sink to this level. He is desperate. He is polling badly and knows he may well lose this race, and so he’s opted ‘to go low.”

“People do not expect candidates to lead perfect lives, but they do expect them to learn from their mistakes. I learned my lesson and have not had a traffic accident since before the turn of the century.”

“This is the kind of politics that makes good people unwilling to run for office—career politicians who will do anything to gain and stay in office,” stated Dittmar. “We need positive change in Washington, not ‘burn down the house’ career politicians.”