Escalating the #Republican War on Women to new highs lows.

Trump Veep Stakes

Donald Trump claims to “cherish” women, but his actions — and words — suggest otherwise.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly called him out on his sexist behavior during the GOP debate on August 6, reminding him: “You have called women you don’t like ‘fat pigs’, ‘dogs’, ‘slobs’, and ‘disgusting animals.”

Trump laughed off the question, claiming he doesn’t “have the time for total political correctness.” Later, Trump called Kelly a “bimbo” and said that he “didn’t recognize” the remarks she was referencing.

Well, we recognize them.  Here are some of the outrageous things Trump has said about women:

  • That giving your wife “negotiable assets” is a terrible mistake.
  • That women are essentially aesthetically-pleasing objects.
  • That sexual assault in the military is totally expected.
  • That women on “The Apprentice” need to rely on sex appeal.
  • That bad press doesn’t matter as long as you have a sexy girlfriend.
  • That a woman MUST be hot in order to be a journalist.
  • That pumping breast milk is “disgusting.”
  • That all women hate prenups, because they are gold diggers.
  • That women have a “great act” going on to trick men.
  • That Hillary would be a bad president because of her husband’s actions.
  • That Angelina Jolie has dated too many guys to be attractive.
  • That Bette Midler’s “ugly face and body” are offensive.
  • That Rosie O’Donnell is “crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb.”
  • That Cher is ‘lonely’ and ‘a loser’ because she doesn’t support him.
  • That women fawn all over him because he is rich and powerful.
  • That the ladies on “The Apprentice” are all super in to him.