Tom GarrettMaking matters more urgent for Democrats is that the Tea Party-backed GOP nominee and declared Donald Trump supporter Tom Garrett is about as far right wingnut as you can get. According to Project Vote Smart, Garrett received a ZERO rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia in 2015; a ZERO rating from Equality Virginia; a ZERO rating from the AFL-CIO; a 99% rating from the even-further-out-there-than-the-NRA Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) and 100% rating from the virulently anti-LGBT Family Foundation.

Also see Sen. Tom Garrett’s legislation against fantasy sanctuary cities, Va. Sen. Garrett’s revision of anti-sodomy law advances; he says point is to protect minors, Senator Dick Black Strongly Endorses Tom Garrett for Congress (remember that Black’s the anti-LGBT and anti-abortion absolutist who just went to Syria to meet with and offer his support to that country’s war criminal President Bashar Asad); and Thomas Garrett, a legislator in Virginia, seems hell-bent on criminalizing oral sex between teenagers. That’s just a short list…it goes on and on. To put it mildly, Garrett is THE LAST thing we need in Congress.