Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman: “Right now in Wisconsin, you’re not supposed to work seven days in a row, which is a little ridiculous because all sorts of people want to work seven days a week.” He’s proposing legislation that “would allow an employee to ‘voluntarily’ choose to work without one day of rest in seven.”

Rep. Barbara Comstock equates immigrants to Fed Ex packages: “Fedex can track packages coming in here all the time; we can track people who are coming into the country. And we can do that right.”

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Sen. Rand Paul on Ebola: “[The Obama administration] has downplayed how transmissible it is, They say it’s the exchange of bodily of fluids. Which makes people think, ‘Oh, it’s like AIDS. It’s very difficult to catch.'”  “If someone has Ebola at a cocktail party they’re contagious and you can catch it from them, [The administration] should be honest about that.”

Cocktail parties? Really? The Senator from Kentucky is a bit out of touch. Please pass the Hors d’oeuvres..

Rep. Steve King says that gays won’t get into heaven: “I’ll just say that what was a sin 2,000 years ago is a sin today, and people that were condemned to hell 2,000 years ago, I don’t expect to meet them should I make it to heaven.”

Chris Christie on the minimum wage: “I’ve got to tell you the truth, I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am.”

Maine Gov. Paul LePage had made it a priority cut taxes on the wealthiest one percent of Mainers: “$100,000 or greater. Those are the richest people in Maine, folks, and I don’t know how many of you are making $100,000, but it’s not that rich.”

Mitch McConnell, on why we shouldn’t do anything about climate change: “I’m not a scientist.” Mitch McConnell on why we should take strict measures to prevent the spread of Ebola: “I’m not an expert on this.” This is the guy who would be majority leader. Yikes.

Milwaukee County’s Republican Elections Commissioner Rick Baas warned a crowd of volunteers and supporters Friday night to be “concerned about voter fraud,” and urged the hundreds of attendees to take an “extra step of vigilance. […] You as a Wisconsin resident can challenge people who are not supposed to be voting, You’ve got to do that.”

Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina about the threat of Ebola entering the country through the U.S.-Mexico border. Wilson said: “I’m very concerned. We had people who, I’ll repeat it, the creed of Hamas: We value death more than you value life. What? That’s their creed.” […]“Okay, well, part of their creed would be to bring persons who have Ebola into our country. It would promote their creed. And all this could be avoided by sealing the border, thoroughly. C’mon, this is the 21st century.”

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