Dear Friend,

What a difference a year can make! Just last year, without allowing any debate, a Republican controlled committee struck down my legislation to repeal the invasive ultrasound mandate. Today, I was proud to cast the tie-breaking vote in support of the repeal of mandatory ultrasounds in Virginia.

The Virginia Senate passing a repeal of mandatory ultrasounds is a victory for all of us who believe that women, and not politicians in Richmond, should have control over their own healthcare decisions. Your support helped bring us this victory and I want to thank you for sending a message with your vote last November. Together, we proved that elections matter!

As much as we should celebrate this victory, we also need to keep fighting. The Republican controlled Virginia House of Delegates has decided that they will not allow the mandatory ultrasound repeal, that we passed today in the Senate, make it to Governor McAuliffe’s desk.

Please take immediate action by following this link to sign the petition urging Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates to support women’s rights by repealing the ultrasound mandate!

Thank you for joining in support of this important issue!

Take care,

Ralph Northam, Virginia Lieutenant Governor