Stop Keystone XL

America is being sucker punched. If Keystone XL is approved, the Koch Brothers stand to make $100 billion while the USA is left out in the cold. That’s because oil transported by this pipeline would go through our country, only to be exported worldwide. This is a great deal for China, the oil industry, the Koch brothers and investors, but a terrible deal for the American people.


If we do not act now to reduce carbon emissions, we will face irreversible and catastrophic climatic changes. It is our moral obligation to protect future generations from this calamity. We must fight back against big oil and special interest groups that continue to spread misinformation.

Here are the facts.

Keystone XL is designed to help exploit tar sands in Alberta, Canada. Developing tar sands is called the “most destructive project on earth” because of the excessive carbon pollution it produces. Tar sands is one of the dirtiest, costliest, and most destructive fuels in the world. Extracting and refining emits 82% more greenhouse gases compared to conventional oil. This pipeline represents a long-term commitment, locking us into developing more dirty oil when we should tackle climate change.

Keystone provides a direct link between Canada and China with no benefit for the United States. The Koch brothers and big oil are happy to help transport dirty tar sands oil and line their own pockets with money. Will we help foreign countries burn more fossil fuels? Will we endanger the globe with accelerated climate change? Are we going to allow them to use America like this? This pipeline takes us in the wrong direction at a time when we must embrace a clean energy economy. Now is the time to make our voices heard.

Take action to stop the tar sands pipeline!