Stop the TPP

The corporate and political leaders of the Pacific Rim nations are meeting in cities across America such as Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, and Leesburg to turn the Pacific Ocean and its peoples into a giant privatized corporate lake characterized by non-union workers, Wal-Mart supply chain feeders, poisoned, landless agricultural laborers, a dying biodiversity, and rising, drowning sea levels. We cannot and will not let this happen.

Congressman Alan Grayson is one of the most outspoken critics of Fast Track Authority. Tonight he will discuss what’s at stake now, what to expect from the Fast Track legislation recently introduced (HR 3830 and S 1900) as well as what we can and should be doing in the upcoming days to defeat it:

Date: Sunday, January 26th
Time: 4:30 pm PDT, 5:30 PM MDT, 6:30 PM CDT, 7:30 PM EDT
Number: (559) 726-1300; Access Code: 536655#
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