SPN Exposed

SPN: The $83 Million Right-Wing Empire Helping to Hijack State Politics and Government

The State Policy Network (SPN) is a web of so-called “think tanks” that push a right-wing agenda in every state across the country. Although many of SPN’s member organizations claim to be nonpartisan and independent, an in-depth investigation by non-profit, non-partisan investigative reporting groups the Center for Media and Democracy and Progress Now reveals that SPN and its affiliates are major drivers of the right-wing, ALEC-backed agenda in state houses nationwide, with deep ties to the Koch brothers and the national right-wing network of funders, all while reporting little or no lobbying activities.

SPN largely pushes a right-wing, corporate-backed agenda aimed at attacking the middle class. SPN and its affiliates push for privatizing public schools, blocking expanded access to health care, lowering taxes for corporations and the very wealthy, undermining workers’ rights and unions, and a polluter’s agenda that attacks environmental protections. Some SPN “think tanks” have even advocated for voter suppression laws that make it harder for Americans to vote and opposed common-sense gun safety bills.

VA – Thomas Jefferson Institute and the Virginia Institute for Public Policy

Policy (TJI) and the Virginia Institute for Public Policy (VIPP). SPN is an umbrella group of right-wing think tanks across the country. While the two think tanks claim to be focused on issues important to Virginians, they actually push an agenda dictated by their national right-wing funders and partners.