Mitch McConnell staged 420 filibusters since he became Minority Leader in 2007. It’s the highest rate of obstruction in history – but a badge of honor for McConnell, who once declared himself the “proud guardian of gridlock.”

After nearly three decades in Washington, McConnell is the embodiment of political dysfunction. He used partisan gridlock to kill job growth, stop aid to small businesses, hurt women’s ability to gain equal pay for equal work, and cut benefits for seniors and veterans.

America needs senators who put the real issues first. Progress can’t wait another day.

Mitch McConnell’s days might be numbered. Challenged from the far right by Tea party-supported millionaire Matt Bevin (who hilariously thinks McConnell has been too wiling to compromise with Obama) McConnell should be bruised and punch-drunk after a primary battle… but have you seen the opening campaign salvo put together by his de facto Democrat challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes? It’s well worth a look. It’s not only one of the finest examples of an “introducing the candidate” type video that I’ve yet seen—from a marketing standpoint it’s a 10/10—at the end of it, the candidate looks directly into the camera and fixes her gaze squarely at McConnell himself and basically tells that old man that she intends to beat the snot out of him. –Richard Metzger