Today, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from establishing safeguards for disposal of toxic coal ash. Read more about the bill on our Front Porch Blog.

Any day we expect a similar bill will be filed in the U.S. Senate and both Senators Kaine and Warner are critical swing votes.

Take action now and ask Senators Kaine and Warner to oppose this bill.

Virginia produces 2.4 million tons of toxic coal ash each year and has 25 coal ash impoundments. Over half of these coal ash “ponds” are unlined, which can allow toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead and mercury to seep into our communities’ drinking water.

Already, coal ash waste has led to a major fish kill in Virginia’s Clinch River and contaminated water has been documented at six other sites. It is critical that the EPA is able to create safeguards and prevent further contamination of Virginia’s waters.

Take action now and tell your senators that preventing the EPA from regulating coal ash disposal is dangerous for our communities and the environment.

Thank you,

Nathan Jenkins
Appalachian Voices