You don’t have to go to DC and walk the halls of Congress to get your voice heard. Sometimes DC comes to Madison!

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Last week (June 7th) several of us had a one-on-one conversation with a staffer from the office of Virginia’s 5th District Congressman Robert Hurt, who was here to help people with constituent services, but was also quite happy to hear opinions on policy. As good or better than an email, phone call, or letter, this was an opportunity to talk about decisions in Congress and what we’d like our congressman to know. These conversations are reported back to the office, often with the appropriate policy staffer.

Here’s what some of us chose to discuss. One brought written information about climate change to share, expressing her concern about delays in addressing global warming and other threats to our environment. Another of us spoke to the representative about sequester cuts to Head Start, and asked for the Congressman’s office to look into how such cuts are affecting our local Head Start program and report back with this information. I spoke about the current Farm Bill cuts in food stamp benefits, citing the importance of food stamps for low-wage workers in Madison County who need to supplement their wages with food stamps to feed their families.

What would you want to share with Representative Hurt? Next time one of his staffers comes to town, be sure you go and speak your mind!

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