What Do Offshore Corporate Tax Loopholes Cost Women and Families? A Lot.

Tax Day (April 15) is nearly upon us. Maybe you’re scrambling to file, or maybe you’re happy to have a refund on the way. Whatever your feelings about your own taxes, it’s important to remember that taxes are essential to fund critical investments – everything from roads and bridges to education and life-saving scientific research.

Unfair tax breaks cost the federal government billions of dollars a year – dollars that could be used to strengthen our economy and support programs that help women and their families. For example, a policy known as “deferral” allows companies to delay paying taxes on profits made overseas, which means corporations get more favorable tax treatment if they ship jobs and profits offshore than if they invest at home. As this new NWLC infographic shows, ending this tax break would raise about $60.6 billion in a year – more than the federal government spends annually on Head Start, child care assistance, school meals, and education for disadvantaged children. (Check out NWLC’s new fact sheet for more information.)

via National Women’s Law Center.