The Madison County Democratic Committee congratulates Dr. B. Cameron Webb on winning the Democratic Primary last Tuesday evening. He now becomes the Democratic candidate for Congress from Virginia’s 5th District. The field of Democratic candidates was very strong, attracting significantly more voters than the Republican convention held two weekends ago. The outcome could not have been more resounding as Dr. Webb won the vote in every city and county in our sprawling district.

Dr. Webb began his Congressional campaign with his motto of “Be There for People.” His first video and later speeches stress his commitment to healthcare for all Virginians. Clearly, it was the voters’ desire for access to affordable healthcare that carried him to the top. Having served in policy roles in both the Obama and Trump Administrations, and with degrees in both law and medicine, Dr. Webb is uniquely positioned to bring better and more affordable healthcare to our district.

Dr. Webb’s roots are in central Virginia. He, his wife, and two children live in Charlottesville. He knows our district. He has the energy to serve one of the nation’s largest Congressional districts, as demonstrated by his dual careers in medicine and public policy.

Every one of our Democratic candidates were better than good. Local voters acted on their belief that Webb was the best. Still, winning the 5th District will be a challenge. We Democrats in Madison County are committed to supporting Dr. Webb’s campaign. We invite others to join us in bringing the doctor’s compassion, leadership, and willingness to represent ALL 5th District residents to Congress on November 3.

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The Madison County Democratic Committee

Ren LeVally, Chair
Cindy Taylor, Vice Chair