When Trump promises to “Make America Great Again,” we should ask: Great for whom, other than his base of white, working-class men without college degrees? Racists, sexists, homophobes and xenophobes?

Certainly not for women, or Americans of color, or children, or gay men, or religious minorities. In the bygone days that Trump harkens back to, it wasn’t so great to be anything but a straight white Christian male. America is already great. Let’s make it even better by addressing today’s most serious issues head-on.

The Major Problem With “Make America Great Again”

Donald Trump vows to “Make America Great Again,” and on Tuesday, a good chunk of the Republican electorate implored him to do just that by handing him victories in Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina. If elected, Trump promises, he will restore America to its former glory and make life good again for Americans whose lives, Trump’s campaign slogan implies, are no longer particularly good.