Shoot the Birther

Trump has been under so much heat over the birther racism agenda he championed that he finally admitted Obama was born in America. Did Trump admit he was wrong? Did he fork over the $5 million to charity he promised to deliver after he was convinced Obama was born in the U.S? No and no.

After spending years on the racist birther lie Trump spent all of 36 seconds to say it was all a big hoax. He claims his birther campaign was a benefit to America as it provoked Obama to prove his citizenship. Obama never needed to prove his citizenship. Trump took no responsibility for afflicting our nation with a double dose of racism and hatred.

As if lying to cover up a lie wasn’t enough on a Friday, Trump said Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards should disarm to see what happens to her. This was part of his attack toward Clinton’s position on gun safety as he accuses her of having an agenda to eliminate the 2nd Amendment (which is impossible).

Trump also blamed Hillary Clinton for creating the birther issue. This is a big fat lie and yet Trump is viewed by more voters as being more truthful than Clinton. Hillary Clinton didn’t do the talk-show circuit promoting birtherism. That was Trump. Nevertheless, engaging in a disgusting, hateful, and racist act isn’t made OK because someone did it first. Our options for president should be adults, not babies.