By Mark Fiore

Now that Pope Francis has come out on the side of acknowledging human-caused global warming, Republican presidential contenders are suddenly on the side of “science” not religion.  Where does this pope guy get off on mixing religion and politics, sheesh!

Thanks to the pope, it’s becoming more difficult to cast yourself on the side of the angels and the oil companies at the same time.  Never mind that human-caused global warming is established science, political contributions from the oil and gas industry are waaaay more important than saving the world.  And it’s not just the #Republican candidates, a surprising number of regular ol’ Republican people are still buying into the “hoax” line fed to them by big oil and politicians.

Let’s hope Pope Francis and the Catholic Church (not known for being wild-eyed commie environmentalists like 97% of those climate scientists) can help bring some sanity, morality and actual science to the global warming battle.  Be sure to dive into the links behind the cartoon, comment, like and share!