Dear Supporters,

Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who promoted and attended the Vigil & Advocacy Day at the State Capitol in Richmond on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  The event was a huge success and had the largest attendance of any Advocacy Day ever (in 23 years)!

It was a great kick-off to the legislative session, but our work is just beginning.  Legislative committees in the General Assembly will now begin debating gun-related bills. Their votes on these bills will be critical in deciding their ultimate fate in the Virginia House and Senate.

“Sometime this year, if the statistical projections prove accurate, firearm deaths will surpass automobile accidents as the leading killer of Americans younger than 25.”

Next week there will be important gun violence prevention bills that will keep guns away from domestic abusers, stalkers, and other dangerous individuals.   Call the members of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee and tell them to pass the following bills.

SB 768 (McEachin) – Universal background checks on all gun sales with an exeption for family members

SB 943 (Favola) – Restricting possession of firearms for those convicted of violent misdemeanors.  

SB 909 (Howell) – Restricting possession of firearms for those subject to protective orders. 

Contact the following members and tell them to Vote YES for these bills.

Sen. Tommy Norment: (804) 698-7503
Sen. Mark Obenshain: (804) 698-7526
Sen. John Edwards: (804) 698-7521
Sen. Ryan McDougle: (804) 698-7504
Sen. Richard Stuart: (804) 698-7528
Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel: (804) 698-7527
Sen. William Stanley: (804) 698-7520
Sen. Bryce Reeves: (804) 698-7517
Sen. Thomas Garrett: (804) 698-7522
Sen. Ben Chafin:

Thank you,

Lori Haas
State Director
Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws
The Educational Fund & Coalition to Stop Gun Violence