After losing the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 Presidential elections, Republicans know they can’t win in a fair election – so their latest plan is to steal the Presidency by rigging the Electoral College around their gerrymandered Congressional districts.

For all the many line items on the right-wing Republican agenda, the most insidious policy change on their wish list could be a radically undemocratic power play to rig the Electoral College … and with it, future presidential elections (including 2016).

Imagine if when President Obama won Ohio in 2012, instead of getting all the state’s electoral votes, he only got six of them, while Mitt Romney, who lost, got 12 … that each candidate was awarded electoral votes based on how many congressional districts they won in the state. Now, imagine this didn’t happen just in Ohio, but also in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and other “blue states” that right now happen to have state governments completely controlled by Republicans.

It’s already happening! A bill has been introduced and is moving in the Michigan state legislature, before their lame duck session was even set to begin.

The Right’s wasting no time, but we can defeat this if we can generate enough attention and grassroots pressure to let these state lawmakers know that the American people won’t let them get away with it.

We fought back these efforts last year in Pennsylvania, Virginia and other states last year, and we can do it again – with your help.

Please join this urgent petition to lawmakers now telling them NO — do not rig the Electoral College.

This is what Republicans do when they win — try to rig the system and tilt the playing field even more to their advantage. But we can’t let them!

Please take action now