Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, Jack Trammell speaks at a gathering of supporters hosted at the home of Clark and Kelly Mercer in Ashland, Virginia.

Jack believes first and foremost in serving the constituents of the 7th District of Virginia. With both an undergraduate and graduate education, he developed a wide range expertise that will aid him in navigating important policy issues in VA7. He firmly believes in hearing from his fellow neighbors about the issues they want addressed in Washington. He is committed to finding a way to ensure their voices are heard.

Prior to his work in higher education at Randolph Macon College, Jack worked for the Democratic cause during his time at Grove City College. Thereafter, he worked for both the Clinton and Dukakis campaigns, writing local policy papers and editorials.

Jack and his wife Audrie live near Mineral, Virginia. They have a wonderful blended family of seven children.