In gubernatorial years when the State Central Committee chooses to nominate the Democratic Candidates for statewide office in a primary, the twenty (20) members of the State Central Committee representing each congressional district shall be elected in congressional district conventions. At its December 2016 meeting, the Democratic Party of Virginia State Central Committee voted to nominate its 2017 candidates for governor and other statewide offices in a primary and not to hold a state convention. Central committee members will be elected at Congressional District Conventions as set forth in Section 4.18 of the Virginia Democratic Party Plan.

To be a member of the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia carries with it great responsibility. As an elected member of the governing body of the Democratic Party, the Virginia Democratic Party Plan, (the document that governs the party) states in Article 4.9 that the Central Committee shall have entire charge and full control of all party matters arising throughout the Commonwealth. It further states that all powers that inhere in the Democratic Party of Virginia or in a State Convention shall be vested in the Central Committee, you help assume the responsibility of perfecting the organization of the party throughout the Commonwealth and to do all within its power to aid in the victory of the Democratic Party’s nominees in all elections.


You are considered a Party Leader, a Party Activist, a Party Supporter, a Volunteer Campaign Worker, a Fund Raiser, a Cheerleader for Democratic Candidates, a Community Networker, an Advocate for Democratic Ideals and Ideas, and a Party Builder. You are expected to attend Central Committee meetings, which are held at least (and rarely no more than) four (4) times a year. You are one of twenty (20) members from your Congressional District nominated at a Congressional District Convention and elected at a State Convention (if a state convention is held) or elected at a District Convention (if a Primary is held) – in gubernatorial election years. There are additional members of the committee, who by virtue of positions held in the party, are also voting members of this committee, and there are three (3) appointed grassroots positions and one (1) General Assembly position. You are part of a committee that is equally divided between men and women.

You are a member of your Congressional District Committee, which meets upon the call of the Chair of the Congressional District (CD) Committee, by any five (5) members of the CD Committee or by a vote of a properly convened meeting of the committee.


The Central Committee shall remove from office and membership any member who shall miss three (3) consecutive meetings without cause or who shall be guilty of willful neglect of any duty imposed upon such member. Such action shall be taken only on the recommendation of the Steering Committee. Before making a recommendation of removal, the Steering Committee shall provide the member with ten (10) days written notice of the charges and with an opportunity for a hearing before the Steering Committee.

Article 10.8 states no Democratic committee member or officer of any Democratic committee shall publicly support, endorse, or assist any candidate opposed to a Democratic nominee. In the event any Democratic committee member shall undertake such public activity, the appropriate Democratic committee shall remove said person from office. Such action shall not be taken without at least ten (10) days written notice to the accused member and an opportunity for him or her to refute such charges. In the event that no action is taken against such person, the district committee shall initiate the necessary action. The Steering Committee may take further action within the thirty (30) days after the receipt of a written complaint by any member of the Democratic Party in relation to such matters.

A Member of the Central Committee plays a vital role in the life of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Membership has privileges and responsibilities. Become familiar with the Party Plan and help promote the Party, its candidates and its principles. Please make a personal commitment to strengthen and ensure the health and vitality of the Democratic Party of Virginia! Most importantly, thank you for your commitment!