Dear Editor:

I am writing to inform your readers about a grassroots movement known as Wolf Pac. It is the goal of Wolf Pac to give the government back to the people of this great country.

According to a July 2012 Gallup Poll almost 90% of Americans are very concerned about corruption in Congress. What our organization has acknowledged is that Congress is no longer capable of honestly addressing this issue. We do not believe that they are bad people, only that they are stuck in a system that functions almost entirely on funding.

What can we as citizens of the Common Wealth of Virginia do? We can call and write our state representatives and ask them to support Wolf Pac’s call for a convention of the states to address the issue of corporate financing of our elections. Because of the January 21, 2010 Supreme Court decision for Citizens United, corporations can contribute to political campaigns without restriction. The result of this decision is that our representatives no longer represent us, the people, but rather the corporations that financed their campaigns. The only way to correct this and bring the power back to the people is through an amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Luckily for Americans, our founding fathers gave us a way to amend our Constitution that did not involve Congress, and that second option was our State Legislators through a convention of the states granted to us under Article V of the US Constitution.

Help us get money out of politics! Join the pac, Wolf Pac!


Cindy Ingram
Bluemont, VA

Saturday Absentee Voting Open October 24th and November 1st


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Despite passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which requires that men and women in the same work place be given equal pay for equal work, the “gender gap” in pay persists. Full-time women workers’ earnings are only about 77 percent of their male counterparts’ earnings. The pay gap is even greater for African-American and Latina women, with African-American women earning 64 cents and Latina women earning 56 cents for every dollar earned by a Caucasian man. Decades of research shows that no matter how you evaluate the data, there remains a pay gap — even after factoring in the kind of work people do, or qualifications such as education and experience — and there is good evidence that discrimination contributes to the persistent pay disparity between men and women. In other words, pay discrimination is a real and persistent problem that continues to shortchange American women and their families.

Know Your Rights!

Voter Fraud Vigilantes

What better way to eliminate the infinitesimal amount of voter fraud in the United States than by disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of people? That is basically what the Republican craze of “voter ID” laws will do. These laws will overwhelmingly impact students, minorities and the poor— interestingly-enough, all reliable Democratic voters.

There is only one motivation for imposing burdens on voting that are ostensibly designed to discourage voter-impersonation fraud, if there is no actual danger of such fraud, and that is to discourage voting by persons likely to vote against the party responsible for imposing the burdens. –Judge Richard Posner of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Republican Cuts Kill

‘Republican Cuts Kill,’ which was produced by the Agenda Project Action Fund, mixes disturbing footage of the Ebola outbreak—including images of body bags, hazmat suits, and corpses—with clips of Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, Rand Paul, and Republicans in some of the most competitive races around the country demanding more spending cuts. The demand for cuts is juxtaposed against testimony from top CDC and NIH officials detailing how budget cuts substantially hampered their ability to address the crisis..

The reality is that Republican budget cuts have halved the CDC’s emergency preparedness budget since 2006.

The reality is that Republican budget cuts have halved the CDC’s emergency preparedness budget since 2006.

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health remarked that, “NIH has been working on Ebola vaccines since 2001. It’s not like we suddenly woke up and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we should have something ready here.”

“Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready,” said Collins. “We would have been a year or two ahead of where we are, which would have made all the difference.”

Protect Your Vote!

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