Save the Date! Annual Founders Dinner May 14th, 2015

 The Madison County Democratic Committee

Cordially invites you to join us for our 9th annual

Founders Dinner

with keynote speaker

The Honorable Levar M. Stoney,
Secretary of the Commonwealth

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”


Hosted by

Antioch Baptist Church
Celebrating 150 years of service


 Thursday, May 14, 2015

doors open 6:30 PM

donations welcome!


Please join us for our 9th annual Founders Dinner, featuring a buffet with your choice of Chicken Gumbo with Sausage (not too spicy) inspired by Orange County Chef Edna Lewis or a delicious vegetarian entrée, both with salads, sides, beverages and Jan Richter’s famous brownies & berries for dessert.

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The Republican strategy to offset demographic change

via Egberto Willies

“We in the US have a growing minority population, a younger minority population that will over time convert the number of white Americans into a minority of the population,” Chris Matthews said. “If you are a Republican how do you deal with that quandary, giving the fact that your Party builds its numbers on older white people. You make it harder for minorities to vote.”

And that is what all Americans must ensure does not happen. Everyone in our melting pot must have equal access to the vote. Will more journalists make this an issue and hold the Republicans to account? They likely won’t but you must.

Few journalists are willing to succinctly call out the GOP for exactly what they are attempting to do. They are using and creating bad laws to steal elections.

There are two specific methods being used. The first is gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is used to pack a few districts with Democrats thus allowing the majority of districts to have a slight to substantial majority of  Republicans. This allows for a Congress where there is a Republican that does not reflect years of Democrats receiving vast majorities of the actual votes.

In 2012 Democrats won thousands more votes than Republicans, yet Republicans received more than double the amount of representatives in Congress. This has also been replicated in state legislatures. This was the first part of the process.

Now that Republicans control most of the legislatures undemocratically, they have allowed them the wherewithal to implement the second part. That second part takes America back to the Civil Rights days. It is deeper than simply voter suppression. It is vote prevention and voter repression. This is not new. Who can forget Chris Matthews highlighting Republican State Representative Mike Turzai (R-PA) statements to that fact?

Making Science History

We’ve all seen those touchy-feely TV ads with baby deer, butterflies, and sylvan streams — claiming that some big corporate polluter is nature’s best friend.

There’s a word for such hokum: greenwashing.

Leave it to the Koch brothers, however, to invent a whole new category of greenwashing. Doling out millions of their oil-smeared greenbacks, David and Charles Koch have been buying their way onto the boards and into the exhibits of elite museums of science.

The fossil-fueled billionaires are using the academic and cultural prestige of these establishments to wash their filthy reputations and to spew the self-serving balderdash that climate change is a natural phenomenon, not one caused by polluting profiteers like them.

Tell Congress: America’s public lands are not for sale

national_parks_180x180[1]Republicans didn’t campaign on getting rid of America’s public lands and national monuments in the last election, but they sure are acting like it.

First they attempted to pass a bill that would abolish the Antiquities Act, a hundred year old executive privilege that allows Presidents to protect threatened public lands and designate national monuments.

Now, they’re using Congress’s annual budget process to lay the groundwork for turning America’s public lands over to state control for sale to private mining, drilling and real estate companies.

Tell Congress: Do not transfer America’s public lands to state or private control.


This latest assault on America’s public lands is at the hands of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the new Republican chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Her amendment, which passed by two votes and is now a part of the Senate’s official budget, would fund state efforts to seize America’s public lands and then sell them off to the highest bidder.1

Under state control, these public lands would likely be sold off for real estate or fossil fuel extraction.Hundreds of millions of acres of pristine public lands in the American West that are the cradle of future national parks, monuments, and preserves would instead be sacrificed to dirty oil drilling and fracking companies.

According to New Mexico Sen. Martin Heinrich, who stands in opposition to these attacks, “selling off America’s treasured lands to the highest bidder would result in a proliferation of locked gates and no-trespassing signs in places that have been open to the public and used for generations.”

But here’s the good news: Because Congress’s budget is non-binding, these proposals need further legislation to actually take effect. That’s why it’s incredibly important to step in now to let Congress know exactly where Americans stand on this terrible idea.

Tell Congress: Do not transfer America’s public lands to state or private control.

This is a coordinated attack on government management of taxpayer owned public lands. Murkowski’s amendment mirrors a similar proposal by House Natural Resources Committee chairman Rob Bishop, that would spend $50 million of taxpayers’ money to transfer America’s public lands to states for private sale.

With these attacks, Republicans are marching in lockstep with the self-serving ideology made famous by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who refused to pay $1 million owed to American taxpayers for grazing his cattle on public lands on the grounds that states have “sovereignty” over public lands. Even Murkowski herself described President Obama’s decision to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska as “a stunning attack on our sovereignty.”2

We need to make sure Congress knows Americans won’t stand by while Republicans wage war on America’s public lands. Tell Congress that America’s public lands are NOT for sale:

Tell Congress: Do not transfer America’s public lands to state or private control.


Thank you for your activism.

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